Our Vision
Vikas Construction has been created to cater to the emerging needs of telecom project implementation requirements in UP and elsewhere. We strive to provide value addition by designing appropriate solutions for the customer and offering dedicated service.

Our Values
We are a company, which respects human and social values. We nourish a value system, which is reflected by our inclination towards :

  • Employee Empowerment.
  • Knowledge Creation.
  • Societal Progress.
  • Quality.

Our Mission
We would like to establish a reputation in the service sector as a company, which offers:

  • Dependable Services.
  • Response to Changing Needs.
  • Value Addition.
  • Quality at reasonable cost.
  • We create a self-learning, sustainable progressive business environment.

Our Capabilities
We have the Project management capability to choose and employ local subcontractors who will supplement our works at sites. Our teams have experience in site engineering services in Cellular, networks. We have capabilities in RF installations and Antenna installations. We have capabilities for maintenance of the outside plant maintenance and Facilities Maintenance.